Goldman Yulia Exhibition: MAIDEN

Girl , lady, virgin and woman.

I expressed two images : the Holy Virgin , which embodies good and light; and the lustful girl who lures into the dark world of evil.

Paintings which depict girls with dogs – are holy images.

(‘holy girl’, ‘holy dog’, ‘dogs in the park’, ‘the red dog’)

Dogs are their bodyguards, they are the embodiment of kindness and faithfulness.

There are transitional paintings, which depicted the absorption of innocent souls by dark force . (‘untited- 1 ‘, ‘untitled- 2 ‘, ‘nude’, ‘the same nude’). The images of evil arising as glitches (‘pain’, ‘paint’).

Inevitably evil side absorbs the good, so dark creatures are born and create your powerful dynasty. (‘fury’, ‘virginia’, ‘virginia’s sister’, ‘virgin fury’). At the head stands the queen (‘maiden’), it has enough power to manage a living people. It leaves its marks on them, and they are completely under its authority.

(painted leather jackets).

The video shows a dancing fury before the council of the saints. They can not be terrible force , and finally submits to them mad fury .

Sculpture is the holy head of the Board . Sincere kindness and light forever.

All artwork by ULIAN GOLDMAN