Maya Fuhr’s photos exude vibrant colours and lavish atmospheric tones. She is known for using a 35mm film camera and shooting her subjects in their most natural states; capturing the essential moments of truth. Her images combine a cinematic style with a fresh new take on the world of fashion, music and art.Maya Fuhr has exhibited her work in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto & Montreal and her images have been features in numerous magazines.See more at www.mayafuhr.com
To me, coffee tables make or break a room. Whether it’s manicured and ordered with flowers and books, or disheveled with beer cans and seeping nail polish, it tells a story. Being the centre of the room, it draws all eyes and all feet. I find myself placing random objects in the centre of my coffee tables because I feel like it creates good energy. Exotic fruit, bowls of trinkets, candies, stacks of mismatched papers . Objects that are like the piece of art within the frames that are your living room walls. No matter what, it’s essential to have a coffee table because if you don’t, you’ll find that irritating guest that stands in the middle of the room like they are the centre of attention (just to fill the space.)

Come What May