Ice Ice Ice

Photography: Jessica Tremp
Born in 1981, Jessica Tremp grew up in Switzerland before moving to
Melbourne at the age of 18. She brought with her a love for theatrics,
romanticism and nature and has started combining these with her
growing passion for the art of photography. She often uses herself as
a model and prefers an organic, spontaneous and naturally lit approach
to her work, aiming to create an emotional authenticity rather than a
literal accuracy.
Her images have been featured in online and print magazines around the
world including ‘Shots’ (America), Fine Art Photo Magazine (Germany),
Take, Fallen and Empty Magazine (Australia).
She was one of the 5 finalists in the ‘2010 Projections’ in the arts
category for best emerging photographers in Australia and won Gold at
the Paris ‘Prix de la Photographie’ in the portraiture/self
portraiture section in 2011.
Her first solo show was in Sydney at Mick Gallery in November 2011.

She draws inspiration from blues music, Italian food, midnight snacks
eaten alone, hugs, fights, the animal kingdom, awkward social
experiences and that deep covered up need to be cradled by something
extraordinary, a nature that seems to slip through our fingers.