Interview with Alice Goddard

Alice Charity Goddard is the young London-based stylist, renowned for her love of minimalism and simplicity of forms, who has already worked with i-D, Clash and Hot & Cool magazines. Despite the fact that sometimes she stands in front of the camera as a model, she prefers being behind it and taking control of the whole photo shoot process. Vrag talks to Alice about her inspirations and personal style.

Vrag: What brought you into fashion?
Alice Goddard: I think Barbie made me interested in fashion.

Vrag: What do you prefer – being a model or a stylist?
Alice Goddard I prefer being a stylist, I like being in control the way the images look. I love planning a shoot and coming up with the concept, finding references, casting the model and many other things.

Vrag: You were a model at the “Love From Alice” photo story. Tell us about this experience?
Alice Goddard: Yeah, Clare Shilland asked me to be part of the project. It was really amazing, we just went and hung out in Sweden for 4 days. We slept in a tiny log cabin and swam in the Baltic every morning. It was so laid back and I think that made the photos look really natural and believable.

Vrag: Describe your personal style? Where do you like going shopping in London?
Alice Goddard: My personal style changes quite a lot. At the moment it’s pretty plain, I mostly wear skirts, t-shirts and trainers. I buy most of my clothes from Portobello market. It’s really cheap and you can get some pretty amazing stuff if you look hard enough.

Vrag: Who is your fashion icon?
Alice Goddard: George Costanza

Vrag: Which photographer/model would you like to work with?
Alice Goddard: Steven Meisel and Guinevere Van Seenus

Vrag: What are you working on right now?
Alice Goddard: Nothing, I’m in the airport waiting for my flight to Spain. Gotta know when to take a break!

Interview by: Kristina Voytovich

“Here are my three favourite fakes- the first thing that came into my head when you said the theme was reproduction.”

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