Nicole Maria Winkler isa freelance photographer based in London and Vienna. She received a BA in Fashion Photography at London College of Fahion only last year but already contributed to various magazines such as Dossier Journal, JUKE Magazine and ELLE GIRL (Korea). Vrag talked to Nicole about her works, experience and understanding of beauty.

Vrag: How and when did you become a photographer?
Nicole Maria Winkler: I graduated from University last year – so technically I have been officially working freelance since then. I did do various shoots and jobs during Uni as well though.

Vrag: Which qualities does a photographer need?
Nicole Maria Winkler: I think you need to be patient, persistent and just generally driven by a need to create pictures.

Vrag: What is the craziest project you’ve ever done?
Nicole Maria Winkler: I don’t really do “crazy” shoots in “crazy” locations. Although I do remember when I was in Paris I had organised to photograph this girl. We met in her friend’s flat and there I found out that she had shaved all her hair off the day before. The flat owner also had lots of rats and one literally jumped in my water glass. They were lovely but it was a strange day.

Vrag: What is your biggest achievement?
Nicole Maria Winkler: With every shoot I complete – I immediately want to do the next one – a better one. So for me my work is just a creative flow. I don’t think about big and small achievements.

Vrag: What is beauty for you?
Nicole Maria Winkler: It’s so subjective. I love when someone is really not fussed and has an awesome personality that comes through in the pictures. I like when models really give their all to contribute to the project. The typical standards of beauty and which models are in demand change every season.

Vrag: What makes you smile?
Nicole Maria Winkler: Love.
Vrag:What are you working on right now?
Nicole Maria Winkler: This and that. Most of the shoots I do always come in very last minute. So you kind of have to be prepared for everything. I still do a lot of fashion but I am also starting to do more personal landscape photography.

Interview by: Kristina Voytovich

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