An Interview with Cameron Alexander

Cameron Alexander is a young London-based photographer with a special talent for shooting people. He started by photographing his friends and family portraits, then his passion turned into his occupation. Vrag talked to Cameron about his first steps, his experiences as a photographer and some of his ongoing projects.

Vrag: What brought you into photography and what is photography to you?
Cameron: My mum brought me here mostly, she isn’t a ‘photographer’ as such, in case that is what you were wondering. However, she took a photo once, that really hit me hard. It was then that I realised how incredible images were, and it made me rethink what the hell I was doing with myself at 15 years old. Buck my ideas up and really love something. And here I am.

Vrag: What do you try to say through your works?
Cameron: I try to say both a little and a lot. I don’t like to try and be conceptual or false with my work, I just want it to be real and of the moment. Let it be what it needs to be, and let people get from it what they get. So, I think I try to say, be real? I dunno, that sounds cheesy. I don’t know.

Vrag: What is like to be a photographer in London?
Cameron: It’s quite easy really, there are a shit load of nice things in this city that makes it easy to capture something ‘beautiful’ but, then again, that depends on what you find beautiful. People-wise its easy. But the downside: London is expensive, and there are far too many pretentious people around. SO its best just to keep my head down and love my work. I think I am lucky to be a photographer here, it’s a good city for it.

Vrag: Why are you interested in taking photos of people?
Cameron: Because I am interested in people.

Vrag: What are your current projects?
Cameron: At the moment, working hard on the portrait side of my portfolio, shooting a lot of them for editorials and stuff. I am in the end stages of finishing my second feature length documentary. I’ve just signed with an agency in the US so I am getting ready for travelling about with them for a while, Tokyo and road trip through America hopefully. AND I am just in the stages of signing with management over here. I am working more on the personal projects as well, shooting a lot more of my family again, which I hadn’t done since I was 17.

Vrag: Which two things should we know about you?
Cameron: I am addicted to Dr Pepper and I really love my mum, she is like, SUPERWOMAN!


Interview by: Kristina Voytovich