£5 on the table

Off-license shop fashion

A nice evening at home but the weather is dreadful outside… Welcome to London. All I want to do is run to the shop across the street to buy some chocolate and sparkly water before settling down to watch a film. HAHA. Not so easy. Obsessed with ideas of chocolate and crisps ideas I start quickly to sort out my pyjama pants and try to make myself look ok to be seen outside. First I hide my stupid pyjama pants under a long skirt, but there is a bit of a problem when trying to find suitable shoes, definitely not the pointy ones! Using all my creativity and styling skills I eventually manage to make myself look like a cabbage with a thousand layers on, and I am ready to run. Just as I am about to walk out of the door, my friend shouts, “Don’t forget the £5, it is on the table.”


Leather jacket by J W Anderson

Purple top and jeans shorts by Marques Almeida

Neon green top by Trine Hav Christensen

Rubber accessory ( on a seal toy) by Trine Hav Christensen

White coat, leans shorts and purple top – all by Marques Almeida

Sunglasses by Prada

Shoes by Marques Almeida

Dress(on a panda) by Trine Hav Christensen

The same as above*(White coat, leans shorts and purple top- all by Marques Almeida

Sunglasses by Prada, Shoes by Marques Almeida

Photographer: Masha Mel

Fashion Styling: Tess Yopp

Model: Caitlin@Select

No Pain