Here and there

Photography: Hiroyuki Koshikawa

Hiroyuki Koshikawa is from Japan and he lives in Berlin since 2011.
And then started taking photographs.
His photographs feature Berlin daily life, Gypsies’ life in abandoned buildings, and Eastern Europe captured during his travels.

“I am 29 years old.

I am from Chiba in Japan.

I have been interested in documenting something like a drug problem, or gang story since I was a teenager.
And I was always thinking that I want to go and see the world that I do not know sometime.
So that was the beginning into documentary photography.

My dream is to become a great photographer of course and to see all over the world sometime.

I would like to go Abkhazia in Caucasus for my next travel. And a small town in Russia.
I am curious about Eastern Europe basically.”