Collages by Ekaterina Chekarova

1. When the lobster starts to whistle?

(original: When the cancer is going to whistle at the mountain?)

Idiom and meaning:

Humorous and ironic phrase – typical form of russian phrasal idioms. The Answer is Never. Taken from the book “When the cancer is going to whistle at the mountain? The Christmas horror.” by Nadezhda Teffi. P.G. Bogatirev (1893-1971, Folklore writer) gave to this phrase specific name ‘oxymoron in the motion’.

2. I will show you where a lobster lives in the winter!

It goes from the national history.Wealthy people loved having a fresh cancers for their dinner. In the winter, very difficult to catch them.

3. Red like a lobster.

4. In a lobster position please!

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5. Once a GreekCrossed a creek,And looked in the creekA lobster so big;Jabbed a GreekHis hand to the creek,And the lobster so bigGripped his palm with a trick.Tongue-twister phrase for children.

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