An Interview with Petra Collins

Petra Collins is an 18-year old photographer and visual artist from Toronto, Canada who has already had her work featured in magazines such as Vice, Platform and Jacques. Her works – with a “feminist touch” – give viewers an opportunity to look at women from a new angle. Vrag talked to Petra about her experience as a photographer and her favorite projects.

Vrag: What do you try to say through your works?
Petra Collins: I’m not always trying to “say” something in my photos but I tend to take photos with a feminist eye so hopefully that comes across to viewers.

Vrag: Can you highlight some of your favourite recent projects?
Petra Collins: I’m really proud to be a staff member at Rookie Magazine (www.rookiemag.com). I think it’s going to be a really important magazine for teen girls.

Vrag: How do you choose your models?
Petra Collins: I live for models with personality – personality in models is really important to me. I usually shoot my sister, my friends, or friends of friends.

Vrag: Can you imagine a day without photography?
Petra Collins: NO!

Vrag: If you are asked to be a model, who would be the photographer and why?
Petra Collins: I would totally model for Sally Mann or Aneta Bartos – they both take the most beautiful nudes.

Vrag: Is photography everything you ever wanted to do?
Petra Collins: Yes and no, I’m not just a photographer, I paint and draw but I’d also really love to get into film making.

Petra Collins is also the curator of The Ardorous – ‘a series of individual and collaborative projects between a collective of female creative professionals.’

Interview by: Kristina Voytovich

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