An Interview with Christina Smith

Christina Smith is a London-based fashion photographer who also does portraits and artistic photographs. She has contributed to various magazines such as i-D, Oyster, WARD and Vrag. Her works transport viewers into a mystical but at the same time realistic beautiful reverie. Vrag talked to Christina about the advantages and disadvantages of being a photographer and her future plans.

Vrag: What brought you into photography?
Christina Smith: I was pushed into photography near the end of my foundation course a few years ago at saint martins. I had a meeting with a teacher to talk about what specialism I should do (as I didn’t have a clue), she said that i seem to take a lot of photo’s so why don’t I do photography. I spent the rest of the year walking around taking pictures of dilapidated buildings. I always loved photography but had never thought I could do it as a career. I remember being amazed by an Annie Leibovitz exhibition my aunt took me to when I was a child. I was so excited Leibovitz had shot my favourite musician John Frusciante.

Vrag: What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Christina Smith: What I enjoy most is being inspired to take a photograph by the landscape or model in front of me. Also working with friends like Paul Joyce, who opens my mind and encourages me. I wouldn’t be shooting fashion photography if it wasn’t for him.

Vrag: What was your hardest project and why?
Christina Smith: My hardest project is the one which involves the most editing, that’s the part I enjoy least and has caused the most sleep deprivation!

Vrag: What do you have coming up that you are excited about?
Christina Smith: I am excited about shooting more for i-D, working with new models and stylists and spending some time in the darkroom. Also a project I am collaborating on with an artist in Italy.

Vrag: Which other young photographers do you recommend on checking out?
Christina Smith: Sam Hessamian

Interview by: Kristina Voytovich